Canadian Government Funds Darwin Ecosystem’s Research and Development to Bring Organic Pattern Detection to “Dark” Data

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Canadian Government Funds Darwin Ecosystem’s Research and Development to Bring Organic Pattern Detection to “Dark” Data

One of the First Companies to Benefit from Canadian R&D Funding, Darwin Validates and Commercializes Research with New Technology

DALLAS – January 23, 2018 – They say it takes a village to build something great. The team at Darwin Ecosystem, a technology services and solutions company that creates cognitive data exploration, discovery and research solutions, knows this firsthand. One of the first companies to benefit from Canadian R&D funding focusing on artificial intelligence in 2008, Darwin Ecosystem has now launched a technology system that empowers businesses to transform all types of data into competitive insights through organic curation. Thanks to the R&D funding received at the company’s inception, Darwin was able to validate aspects of its research and commercialize its findings by now going to market with its revolutionary Darwin Awareness Engine (DAE). With support from organizations such as Investissement Québec, Ayming Canada and Montréal International, Darwin Ecosystem is able to continue its research mission of bringing organic pattern detection to businesses ranging from financial tech to health tech industries. Thanks to the guidance provided by these organizations, Darwin realized how the city of Montréal provided the right environment to carry out its research and mission.

“We’re always pleased to see subsidiaries that we helped set up in Greater Montréal thriving, contributing to the economic growth of the city and making its key industries more vibrant,” said Stéphane Paquet, Vice President, Foreign Investments & International organizations at Montréal International.

Companies continuously accumulate unstructured data from documents, sales notes, emails, collaborative platforms, social media feeds, CRM platforms and any other sources that will reference and capture employee, client, competitor and customer expressions. The Darwin Awareness Engine enables companies to extract value from this data regardless of form or state, yielding outcomes that are unavailable with conventional analytics and data science.

“We are extraordinarily thankful for the Canadian R&D program,” said Thierry Hubert, CEO and founder, Darwin Ecosystem. “This funding allowed us as a company to truly engage in our research over the years, and ensure that it yielded the results we were hoping to achieve. If research doesn’t lead to an incremental positive outcome then it cannot be commercially sustainable. Not only was our research conclusive, we were also able to launch a new technology and create jobs driven by success, not just government funding.”

For the team at Darwin Ecosystem, achieving positive results through research helped create true, sustainable business value not only for the company as a whole but as a demonstration of the positive outcome empowered by the Canadian government as well. Business growth, such as this one, leverages and encourages the local economy and companies that choose to invest in Canada as a whole.

Hubert continued, “Receiving R&D funding is a great way to create a sustainable business, but it can often stop short of that and remain purely academic. Our goal from the beginning was to make the best use of these funds and go above and beyond the research.”

Launched in 2008 by Thierry Hubert as an R&D data exploration think-tank, Darwin Ecosystem technologies offer a framework to build solutions across industries seeking to capture, visualize and make sense of information streams as they occur. Darwin was awarded the 2012 TechCrunch Disrupt SAP Big Data Start-Up Award for demonstrating that pattern detection algorithms reveal the evolving themes from unstructured streaming information to help people, businesses and governments gain awareness and insight into constantly evolving topics across multiple information streams.  Also recognized as the 2015-2016 recipient of Canada’s R&D grants for technological advancement in organic pattern detection research, the DAE system leverages IBM Cloud and Cognitive Technologies in conjunction with its own Organic Pattern Detection Services.

Businesses interested in learning more about how the Darwin Awareness Engine can amplify their business outcomes are encouraged to contact [email protected] to discuss setting up an initial diagnostic workshop. For more information about Darwin Ecosystem, visit

About Darwin Ecosystem

Darwin Ecosystem is an A.I. solutions provider that helps organizations accelerate discovery and insight through cutting-edge big data and cognitive technologies. Launched in 2008, Darwin Ecosystem began as an R&D exploration think-tank and quickly evolved to become the only organization specializing in pattern detection technology to improve the discovery, understanding and visualization of unstructured data to augment services and decisions for its clients. Darwin also specializes in cognitive solutions and APIs revealing, detecting and alerting when patterns change. Darwin Ecosystem is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices and labs located in Minneapolis, Minn., Derry, N.H. and Montréal, Canada. For more information, visit


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