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IBM Cloud and Blockchain Solutions: A partnership between Darwin Ecosystems and Not Rocket Science

IBM Business Partners Darwin Ecosystems and Not Rocket Science transform the maritime shipping industry with an open ledger transaction system using IBM Cloud and Blockchain.  In this open ledger transaction system, all the stakeholders –  agriculture, port authority, the shipping industry, brokers – can participate in transactions as the product moves from the field to […]
by Thierry Hubert / November 4, 2017 /In Partnerships

Darwin Ecosystem Discusses Cloud Agility with IBM

Earlier this year I had the opporunity to speak with IBM about staying agile on the cloud. It was an exciting discussion at InterConnect 2017, in which I was able to explain the genesis of our company name – Darwin Ecosystem. It’s all about change and evolution. Transitioning to cloud technologies is a perfect example […]
by Thierry Hubert / August 17, 2017 /In Partnerships

Darwin Solutions Listed with IBM

DARWIN ECOSYSTEM COGNITIVE SOLUTIONS LISTED WITH IBM: Darwin Ecosystem, LLC (Darwin), an IBM Partner in cognitive technology,  has begun the roll-out of its line of innovative cognitive solutions on multiple IBM resale platforms. Today the Darwin Awareness Engine (DAE) is now available directly through the IBM Global Solutions Directory. Companies accumulate continuously unstructured information from […]
by Thierry Hubert / June 19, 2017 /In Partnerships