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Darwin Ecosystem CEO & Founder Featured in TechNewsWorld

Our CEO Thierry Hubert was recently featured in TechNewsWorld. TechNewsWorld is a technology news source focusing on technology trends worldwide. The piece titled, “Turning Social Media From a Problem Into a Solution,” features information surrounding Darwin Ecosystem’s Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI) and its involvement in the 2016 presidential election. The article also suggests that Darwin’s technology […]
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Using AI to enhance the efficiency of police departments

According to Police News, the growth rate of officers in the United States is down at a staggering four percent. Now more than ever, many towns are having a difficult time recruiting and maintaining qualified personnel for the job. Compared to some other career choices, being a police officer is a risky and complicated career […]
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Darwin Ecosystem Announced As a 2018 SXSW® Interactive Innovation Awards Finalist

Have you heard the news yet? Darwin Ecosystem is one of the top five finalists at the 2018 South by Southwest Interactive Innovation Awards. Nominated for its work in artificial intelligence in the AI & Machine Learning category! Darwin Ecosystem created a machine learning system that helps limited individuals communicate. Specifically, by identifying brainwave patterns […]
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Darwin Ecosystem CEO & Founder Featured in Dallas Innovates

Our very own Thierry Hubert was featured in Dallas Innovates in a story titled, “Darwin Ecosystem Helps Improve Lives With Cognitive Technology.” In this editorial, Thierry details the team’s project called, “The Cognitive Story.” He also shines light on how Darwin Ecosystem uses personality analytics. If you haven’t checked out the article yet, find some […]
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Darwin Ecosystem CEO & Founder Featured in D CEO

Our CEO Thierry Hubert was featured in D CEO this month. D CEO, a D Magazine publication, covers North Texas’ emerging entrepreneurs and the top CEOs of tomorrow. Leading journalists specifically cover local and regional economic issues, business trends and insightful news in the Dallas area.   In a story titled, “A Dallas-Based Company Is […]
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Understanding Cognitive Expertise: Personality Analytics

Admit it, hiring new talent can be a challenge. Much of a recruiter’s day is filled with reviewing resumes and pre-screening candidates. For every job posted, there are typically an average of 250 applicants. Often, recruiters will struggle to find the best candidate because they will mistakenly discard top candidates while pre-screening unqualified candidates. For decades […]
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What is Pattern Detection?

At Darwin Ecosystem, our mission is to accelerate discovery and insight through cutting-edge analytics and cognitive technologies. Through pattern detection technology, we empower businesses to turn data into competitive insights. Studies show that 74% of businesses want to be “data-driven,” and Darwin Ecosystem empowers companies to unlock and create value from both structured and unstructured […]
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