Darwin Ecosystem Announced As a 2018 SXSW® Interactive Innovation Awards Finalist

Have you heard the news yet? Darwin Ecosystem is one of the top five finalists at the 2018 South by Southwest Interactive Innovation Awards. Nominated for its work in artificial intelligence in the AI & Machine Learning category! Darwin Ecosystem created a machine learning system that helps limited individuals communicate. Specifically, by identifying brainwave patterns to detect intentions and express them to people or systems. It’s incredible that a simple tweet is what jumpstarted this innovative project.

The Interactive Innovation Awards presented by KPMG recognizes the most exciting tech developments in the connected world.


What you need to know:

  • Titled, “A Cognitive Story,” Darwin built an open source electroencephalography (EEG) brainwave detection and monitoring device and cognitive system in collaboration with IBM, Tanmay Bakshi, OpenBCI, Not Rocket Science and various neural networks for advanced data processing. Together they created the first proof of concept, an organic EEG brainwave interpretation system that learns to detect intent.
  • The device measures brain patterns, processes data, displays outcomes and learns through the interactions between the woman and her mother. An EEG device measures the brain waves and then processed using cognitive computing.
  • Darwin Ecosystem is the only Texas-based organization in the AI & Machine Learning category.
  • The judges will announce the  winners of the 2018 Interactive Innovation Awards on March 13 at the Innovation Awards Ceremony in Austin, Texas.

To learn more about the amazing work happening at Darwin Ecosystem please contact us at  [email protected].