Darwin Ecosystem CEO & Founder Featured in D CEO

Our CEO Thierry Hubert was featured in D CEO this month. D CEO, a D Magazine publication, covers North Texas’ emerging entrepreneurs and the top CEOs of tomorrow. Leading journalists specifically cover local and regional economic issues, business trends and insightful news in the Dallas area.


In a story titled, “A Dallas-Based Company Is Helping A Woman Communicate Via Brainwaves,” Thierry explains the status of Boo’s Cognitive Story, as well as what inspired the team to take on this project. Find some of the article’s highlights below.


D CEO Story Highlights
  • Darwin Ecosystem is a finalist for the 2018 South by Southwest Interactive Innovation Awards. Nominated for developing a machine that uses EEG brainwave monitoring to allow limited persons to communicate.
  • Darwin Ecosystem designed “The Cognitive Story” to help give a woman with a neurological disorder the ability to communicate with the outside world.
  • The technology will eventually advance from passively reading brain signals to interpreting intent. Through pattern detection, a computer will be able to speak out emotions and intent.
  • The $400,000 project is 70 percent complete. September is the expected date for the device’s final design.
  • Darwin Ecosystem will host a booth at SXSW from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, March 11th to demo and discuss “The Cognitive Story” headgear with the public.


Read the entire article on D CEO and let us know what you think!