Darwin Ecosystem CEO & Founder Featured in Dallas Innovates

Our very own Thierry Hubert was featured in Dallas Innovates in a story titled, “Darwin Ecosystem Helps Improve Lives With Cognitive Technology.” In this editorial, Thierry details the team’s project called, “The Cognitive Story.” He also shines light on how Darwin Ecosystem uses personality analytics. If you haven’t checked out the article yet, find some of the highlights below.


Dallas Innovates Story Highlights
  • Darwin Ecosystem and its partners built an open-source machine learning system. Overall, the system measures brain patterns, processes data, and learns through the interactions between a woman who has Rett syndrome and her mother.
  • An EEG device measures the brainwaves and then tracked in real time on a mobile app.  A computer will then speak the daughter’s emotions and intent to her mother through pattern detection.
  • Darwin Ecosystem was named one of South by Southwest’s 21st annual Interactive Innovation Awards finalists for its work in the AI & Machine Learning category. It is the only Texas company to receive the honor.
  • Darwin Ecosystem has a variety of clients in the law enforcement, health care, and financial services industries. Specifically, industries with projects that include blockchain and integration of technology and analytics.
  • Law enforcement uses Darwin’s personality analytics technology in the selection process of candidates who want to become police officers.


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Read the entire article on  Dallas Innovates and let us know what you think!