Darwin Ecosystem CEO & Founder Featured on VentureBeat

Our very own Thierry Hubert was featured in VentureBeat in a story titled, “Darwin Ecosystem uses AI to help police departments find recruits who will fit in.” In this AI article spotlight, Thierry details the uses of the company’s artificial intelligence platform, the Projected Personality Interpreter, as well as shines light on how police departments are leveraging it to find fit recruits. If you haven’t checked out the article yet, find some of the key highlights below.

VentureBeat’s Story Highlights:
  • Darwin Ecosystem and its partners built a platform that measures and analyzes the personality, emotional state and social connections of police recruits. This was done with the partnership of Police Exam Solutions (PES).
  • PES gives police recruits tests that include writing prompts like “Tell us how you might improve your hometown” and “Describe your favorite vacation.” The responses are analyzed and separated in 52 different personality traits and gives a score on how well the candidate performed in each category.
  • The system is able to identify trends and personality traits that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Darwin Ecosystem also offers a more economical test compared to traditional tests like the Myers-Briggs Test.
  • In the future, police departments would like to use the platform to match recruits to precincts and distribute talent based on the results found.

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