Darwin Ecosystem Featured in The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News featured our very own CEO, Thierry Hubert, on the front page of the business section! The Dallas Morning News is a daily newspaper covering regional, national and international news. More specifically, the business section covers business and technology-related editorial pieces consisting mostly of news and trends analyzing the impact of technology on the economy and industry.

The piece titled, “A Dallas Company Wants to use Mind-Reading Technology to let the World Hear Nonverbal People’s Thoughts” features Darwin Ecosystem and its work with personality analytics as well as congnitive technolgies. The article dives into the work Darwin Ecosystem does with artificial intelligence and the possibilities for helping a women with Rett Syndrome communicate with the outside world. If you haven’t checked out the article yet, find some of the highlights below.

The Dallas Morning News  Story Highlights:
  • Darwin Ecosystem uses machine-learning to predict trends in the financial markets, analyze essays for police academies to determine if trainees would be a good fit and work with human resources departments to identify traits of top performers.
  • Darwin Ecosystem is working on its most ambitious project yet! The team is developing a system that tracks brainwaves, recognizes patterns and interprets the intentions behind them. It could unlock communication for adults and children who are unable to speak.
  • Here is how the system works. The person who cannot communicate wears a wireless headgear that’s an electroencephalography (or EEG) device. It tracks brain patterns for periods of time. An interpreter helps detect the individual’s expressions, movements and social cues. A mobile app monitors and tracks observations to help make meaning of brainwave patterns.
  • A software helps detect patterns to start predicting the person’s thinking or eventually, speak on behalf of him or her.

Read the entire article on The Dallas Morning News and let us know what you think! For more information about Darwin Ecosystem and AI trends, follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook!