Darwin Ecosystem Launches Its Awareness Engine – Bringing Organic Pattern Detection to “Dark” Data

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Darwin Ecosystem Launches Its Awareness Engine – Bringing Organic Pattern Detection to “Dark” Data

The Only Organization to Specialize in Pattern Detection of Data Regardless of Form or State

DALLAS – January 29, 2017 – Today, most companies are not gaining the maximum value from their data. Businesses that leverage predictive analytics to boost sales, identify the best talent, create new products, and make better decisions are gaining a competitive edge in every industry. According to IBM, an estimated 80 percent of the world’s data is unstructured. Darwin Ecosystem, a technology services and solutions company that creates cognitive data exploration, discovery and research solutions, has developed a new technology system that empowers businesses to, for the first time ever, transform all types of data into competitive insights. Based on chaos theory principles designed to reveal patterns over time, the Darwin Awareness Engine (DAE) extracts, refines, correlates and reveals patterns hidden in structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, as well as data in motion and data at rest, to deliver meaningful insights, answers, and competitive advantages.

“Through the Darwin Awareness Engine, insights are revealed from a client’s streaming information sets to improve their ability to make strategic predictions,” said Thierry Hubert, CEO and founder, Darwin Ecosystem. “Pattern detection allows businesses to finally know what they don’t know and what they’ve been missing in their data analytics. That’s a powerful competitive advantage for the businesses that recognize this opportunity.”

Companies continuously accumulate unstructured data from documents, sales notes, emails, collaborative platforms, social media feeds, CRM platforms and any other sources that will reference and capture employee, client, competitor and customer expressions. This collection of unstructured information is often left to perish with little effort to exploit its hidden value. When aggregated and organized, this data is comparable to a collective memory — actionable knowledge. The Darwin Awareness Engine enables companies to act on data regardless of form or state, yielding valuable outcomes that are unavailable with conventional analytics and data science.

Hubert continued, “The fallacy in many companies is that the accumulation of data represents wealth when, in reality, it’s the exploitation of the data. Successful companies are going to look past the empirical data and look at data through patterns and correlations to drive more valuable insights and actions. Our unique pattern detection technologies help businesses gain a competitive edge that only four percent of today’s businesses possess without the help of our services. With the help of today’s most advanced Big Data and cognitive technologies, we aim to use our technology and guiding principles about transposing organic models to achieve greater awareness and discovery.”

Launched in 2008 by Thierry Hubert as an R&D data exploration think-tank, Darwin Ecosystem technologies offer a framework to build solutions across industries seeking to capture, visualize and make sense of information streams as they occur. Darwin was awarded the 2012 TechCrunch Disrupt SAP Big Data Start-Up Award for demonstrating that pattern detection algorithms reveal the evolving themes from unstructured streaming information to help people, businesses and governments gain awareness and insight into constantly evolving topics across multiple information streams.  Also recognized as the 2015-2016 recipient of Canada’s R&D grants for technological advancement in organic pattern detection research, the DAE system leverages IBM Cloud and Cognitive Technologies in conjunction with its own Organic Pattern Detection Services.

Darwin Ecosystem offers a true ecosystem of technologists, developers, scientists and experienced business experts who work together to derive the best outcome without compromising on the innovation that gives customers a competitive edge. Businesses interested in learning more about how the Darwin Awareness Engine can amplify their work are encouraged to contact [email protected] to discuss setting up an initial diagnostic workshop. For more information about Darwin Ecosystem, visit www.darwinecosystem.com.

About Darwin Ecosystem

Darwin Ecosystem is an A.I. solutions provider that helps organizations accelerate discovery and insight through cutting-edge big data and cognitive technologies. Launched in 2008, Darwin Ecosystem began as an R&D exploration think-tank and quickly evolved to become the only organization specializing in pattern detection technology to improve the discovery, understanding and visualization of unstructured data to augment services and decisions for its clients. Darwin also specializes in cognitive solutions and APIs revealing, detecting and alerting when patterns change. Darwin Ecosystem is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices and labs located in Minneapolis, Minn., Derry, N.H. and Montréal, Canada. For more information, visit www.darwinecosystem.com.


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