Darwin Ecosystem Senior Data Scientist to Teach Python for UT Dallas

by Thierry Hubert / August 7, 2017 /In Education / No comments

Darwin Ecosystem Senior Data Scientist to Teach Python for UT Dallas

University of Texas at Dallas Offers Cognitive Technology Master’s Course with Darwin Data Scientist

The University of Texas at Dallas has tapped Darwin Ecosystem’s Senior Data Scientist Michael Cave to teach a graduate level course on cognitive programming for business analytics. During the Fall 2017 semester, Cave will lead a course called Programming for Data Science as an Adjunct Professor.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS BUAN) is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) degree program (18-24 months) at the Naveen Jindal School of Management that provides students with a broad foundation in Business Analytics and Data Science. The program prepares students for jobs in Data Science, Big Data, and Analytics. 

Cave will be teaching one Master’s degree level course this Fall, but will also develop his own new curriculum centered around cognitive computing for subsequent semesters. For the first class, where Cave will teach Python – an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics – the target student will be seeking jobs in data science. 

Admittedly I’m a little nervous,” Cave says, “but very excited to share my journey and passion with the students in the class.”

While this is Cave’s first opportunity to helm the lectern, he’s no stranger to the Master’s level classroom. Michael has 5 Master’s degrees of his own. He calls his path to his current position at Darwin Ecosystem a “circuitous” one. Cave started his career as a salesperson, then transitioned to analytics, before becoming a full fledged data scientist. 

We’re proud to have Michael Cave as a part of the Darwin team, and we look forward to forging an ongoing relationship with the University of Texas at Dallas. Currently, Darwin Ecosystem is working on a new consortium of players in the cognitive space in Dallas, where our headquarters is based.