Darwin Solutions Listed with IBM

by Thierry Hubert / June 19, 2017 /In Partnerships / No comments

Darwin Solutions Listed with IBM


Darwin Ecosystem, LLC (Darwin), an IBM Partner in cognitive technology,  has begun the roll-out of its line of innovative cognitive solutions on multiple IBM resale platforms. Today the Darwin Awareness Engine (DAE) is now available directly through the IBM Global Solutions Directory.

Companies accumulate continuously unstructured information from documents, emails, collaborative platforms, CRMs and any other source that will reference and capture employees, clients, competitors and customers expressions. This corpus of information is representative of meaningful intent that comes from knowledge. Unfortunately, it is often left to perish through time or archiving, with very little effort made to exploit its hidden value.

This raw and unstructured information, when aggregated and organized, is analogous to a collective memory — an actionable knowledge.

Darwin Ecosystem’s Awareness Engine offers the ability to transform unstructured information into organized and correlated concepts that are representative of the collective memory of the organization.

The system is based on chaos theory principles designed to reveal patterns over time. It fetches and correlates designated streaming information sources, such as RSS feeds, emails, databases, document libraries or any unstructured text, producing structured JSON patterns through its API for use by other systems. One of these systems is Darwin Ecosystem’s Virtual Cortex index — an aggregated, chronological, weighted, clustered and exploitable representation of the organization’s memory for the purpose of knowledge discovery, advanced analytics and cognitive system augmentation, while providing an organic semantic resource to further augment enterprise search and knowledge management.

You can see the DAE listing on IBM’s directory HERE.