Finding Clarity in Chaos Offers One of The Most Powerful Advantage – Competitive Awareness.

When we experience chaos we feel confused, disorganized and disrupted. As humans, we naturally seek to avoid chaos and are driven by risk mitigation of the future. However, when we can observe patterns from chaos we feel empowered and in control.

Darwin Ecosystem has developed a unique tool that delivers web awareness.

Other tools and services are fundamentally dependent on varying degrees of human curation. Darwin leverages the principles of the Chaos Theory and presents information on the basis of mathematical correlation, without human bias.

By revealing otherwise hidden patterns within the information on the Web, Darwin can leverage, and not replace, the human expert. Fundamental to the concept of awareness is the recognition that “one doesn’t know what one doesn’t know”.  The Darwin Awareness Engine is engineered to address that condition.

Darwin’s technology is purely mathematically driven approach to presenting information from the Web, independent of human bias. This technology is the foundation for groundbreaking applications in connection with predictions based on previously invisible patterns, while also adding a new dimension to social networks.

It’s estimated that there are more than 2.2 million professionals in the US that pay for access to curated information. It’s critical for these people to be aware of what is happening over the web in relation to their professional topics of interest, and are willing to pay to have that need met. In the US alone, this market is estimated to be worth around $19 billion. A market that will only continue to grow as quickly as the amount information on the web.

To learn more about how Darwin Ecosystem’s leverages the Chaos Theory to reveal hidden patterns among information on the web, contact us at [email protected].