Darwin Ecosystem’s Fab Lab services our own research and that of our clients for prototyping innovations and inventions. It is also a platform for our team and fellows to experiment. Our Fab Lab is constantly updated with the latest technology and lead by our Chief Innovation Officer, Ross Power. We actively extend our work, such as The Cognitive Story, to a global community of learners, educators, technologists, researchers, makers and innovators. The world renowned fourteen year old Algorithmist, Tanmay Bakshi, is an avid contributor and user of our Fab Lab’s AI neural network resources.

There is no artificial intelligence (AI) without pattern detection or collaboration. Such an ecosystem requires coordination between technology, scientists, businesses, the constraints of governance and the resources that are needed to measure key performance indicators (KPIs).


Since 2007, Darwin Ecosystem has been been recognized as an innovator of tools that help humans gain insight from data. We are constantly engaging in collaborative research initiatives to meet emerging challenges for individuals, businesses and government.

Our research mission is grounded on the postulate that advancement in cognitive computing will be improved through the use of chaos theory mathematical principles in revealing patterns. This progression will also rely on algorithmic deep learning methods inspired by deep-rooted cognitive capabilities which are not exclusive to human reasoning.

We believe that as computing reaches its fruition, cognitive systems will soon be in balance with living organisms ability to process information through cemented and evolving neural pathways. This will challenge humans and provide us a new paradigm in human-machine interactivity.

This evolution and interaction will bring unprecedented awareness and a new form of collective memory that will assist in better decision-making.

We have already witnessed IBM Watson victorious over humans at Jeopardy!, becoming a knowledgeable resource to oncologists, acting as a criminal investigation aide for detectives, and even becoming a creative sous-chef in the kitchen.

Projects that bring together passionate people wanting to help people through cognitive technology.