COGINITIVE INTELLIGENCE IS GROUNDED IN PATTERN DETECTION - This is core to the way humans learn and apply our insight in everyday situations. Pattern detection has typically been exclusive to advanced analytics and complex neural network systems. Darwin’s unique approach allows businesses to mechanize this fundamental necessity to assist decisions.

We are witnessing AI technological advancement in hardware, neural networks and cognitive services that are in constant evolution. This situation creates a layer of complexity and talent acquisition that is difficult to measure and manage. Solutions are what drive our clients’ interest and justification for exploring how AI helps their business. To overcome this challenge, and support our services and solutions in confined and secure system, Darwin Ecosystem licenses its Darwin Awareness Engine (DAE) to its enterprise clients.

Configured to support the solutions we assemble for our clients, the DAE is an AI services server built with the latest AI computing technology.

Core to the DAE are:

  • Neural Network services
  • Streaming computing services
  • Correlation services
  • Advanced analytics and AI functions
  • Pattern recognition and detection services
  • Learning systems
  • DAE APIs to facilitate interoperability with external data
  • Conduits to IBM Watson Cognitive Services


The DAE’s system is a sealed and dedicated state-of-the-art AI server. The data is accessed, processed and augmented in the most secure manner in compliance with your governance. The data is passing through the DAE and stored in your own systems for subsequent refinement and use by your systems.

The DAE powers Darwin’s subscriptions services and solutions.


Darwin Ecosystem offers solutions built on our Darwin Awareness Engine to help our client gain rapid value from our technology and services.


The PPI extracts, organizes, compares and applies statistical comparative analytics from personality traits and personality recipes that are representative of your industry and organization. The results are used to outline behavioral characteristics and recommendations for recruiting, corporate messaging or social media projection. The ability to evaluate cross-population and individual progress for comparative analytics offers scalable decision-support capabilities.


Ask us how the PPI can help improve your workforce and market intelligence.


The Keyword Meme is key module of the Darwin Awareness Engine. It is accessible through a RESTful API that ingests streams of unstructured data and returns a structured collection of correlated, weighted and clustered terms around a given query, segmented in intervals, using principles of human behavior and chaos theory.

The Keyword Meme powers organic taxonomy exploration, business intelligence tools, knowledge discovery, and the Darwin Awareness Optimizer (DAO).

Ask us how the Keyword Meme can reveal in your organization.


The Darwin Awareness Optimizer (DAO) is offered as a subscription. It is your personal assistant as it searches, correlates and curates the news, blogs and tweets to bring you real-time awareness on your topics of interest. You can program it to deliver the latest information automatically to your inbox each day, week, or month. Also powered by the Darwin Awareness Engine, it can be licensed and customized to fetch your own information.



Information comes in so much variety, volume, velocity and degrees of veracity. This is why organizations are overwhelmed with Big Data and making sense of what matters to them. Darwin’s Awareness Engine transforms those data into augmented and consumable resources.

We leverage and connect to diverse sources of information to augment awareness and the value of information.

Darwin channels access to news feeds, tweets, RSS feeds and our clients’ data.  We partner with the Associated Press (AP), IBM’s Weather Company, and other leading content providers to augment, extract patterns and insights from over 100 years information.

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