Understanding Cognitive Expertise: Personality Analytics

Admit it, hiring new talent can be a challenge. Much of a recruiter’s day is filled with reviewing resumes and pre-screening candidates. For every job posted, there are typically an average of 250 applicants. Often, recruiters will struggle to find the best candidate because they will mistakenly discard top candidates while pre-screening unqualified candidates. For decades employers and HR managers have been pre-screening job candidates and employees’ personality types through tests. Such tests include Myers-Briggs, and provide a fair amount of fundamental and persistent personality insight. The rise in artificial intelligence allows recruiters and business units to determine personality traits being projected by intent simply by the way they write and communicate.

Darwin Ecosystem’s Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI) takes personality analytics to the next level. PPI leverages IBM Watson’s Personality Insights API to obtain the personality and emotional state contained within the human language. Using AI and neural networks help us to understand the natural language of humans. Also, we can better understand what the ‘Big Five’ values that can be associated with the way humans express themselves. These five dimensions include:

  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Emotional range
  • Openness

The PPI can help make the hiring process a breeze for any company. Behavioral characteristics and making scientific recommendations for recruiting. Most of all, the PPI makes it simple to not only assess a single potential candidate, but also compare multiple job candidates through our PPI Multi-Candidate Analysis with a simple pie-chart.

Also, an advantage the PPI provides is helping employers gain better insights into groups that are already with the company. Due to this, companies can assess individuals over time. Furthermore, it allows companies to see if there are outliers in a group that are developing differently.

In conclusion, to learn more about personality analytics or how your business can leverage Darwin Ecosystem’s cognitive solutions to recruit your best team today, contact us at [email protected].