Using AI to enhance the efficiency of police departments

According to Police News, the growth rate of officers in the United States is down at a staggering four percent. Now more than ever, many towns are having a difficult time recruiting and maintaining qualified personnel for the job. Compared to some other career choices, being a police officer is a risky and complicated career choice that only certain personalities can handle. Artificial intelligence is a valuable tool that law enforcement can use to recruit the most compatible people into the force, making for a more productive and efficient police force.

Darwin Ecosystem unveiled a personality analytics application at IBM Think 2018 called the Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI). Overall, developed on the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform, the PPI gives employers and employees insight into personality traits never before available. The system takes personality analytics to the next level. Specifically, by extracting the thinking style, personality and emotional state buried naturally in human language. This technology serves as a useful tool for police departments as they look to recruit compatible officers in the field.

Personality Traits the PPI Measures:
  • Communication skills
  • Curiosity levels
  • Emotionality
  • Sense of ethics
  • Susceptibility to stress
  • Self-discipline levels
  • Cautiousness levels
  • Cooperation levels
  • And many more

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