What is Pattern Detection?

At Darwin Ecosystem, our mission is to accelerate discovery and insight through cutting-edge analytics and cognitive technologies. Through pattern detection technology, we empower businesses to turn data into competitive insights. Studies show that 74% of businesses want to be “data-driven,” and Darwin Ecosystem empowers companies to unlock and create value from both structured and unstructured data sets, to find new competitive opportunities in the marketplace.

But what exactly is pattern detection technology?

Pattern detection is a branch of machine learning. It specifically focuses on recognition of patterns and regularities in data by mimicking the chaotic way in which humans communicate and file information. Pattern detection empowers companies to gain better insights from any form of data. This includes images, speech, biological pathways, the Internet and more. All while allowing that data to be more consumable, leading to answers, action and growth.

As we like to say, pattern detection allows you to know what you don’t know. It is the driving force behind our Darwin Awareness Engine. This enables companies to act on data regardless of form or state, resulting in valuable outcomes that are unavailable with conventional analytics and data science. The Darwin Awareness Engine extracts, refines, correlates and reveals patterns hidden in structured and unstructured information to augment insight, while leveraging IBM Cloud and Cognitive Technologies.

To learn more about pattern detetion or how your business can leverage the Darwin Awareness Engine to unlock your data’s full potential, contact us at [email protected].