Innovation Engineering

We are an innovation engineering company that provides both solutions and professional services that help our clients, both large and small, benefit from the latest technological innovation.
All our services are rooted in our deep understanding that businesses are complex ecosystems with their own respective culture. 
A change in people, processes and technology often brings a disruptive impact that requires thoughtful adjustments to survive and flourish.
We offer exploration services and ready-to-use solutions that reveal insight from changing and unstructured data.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our many years of experience in research development, software engineering and IoT fabrication has positioned our team to be unique and multidisciplinary.
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Business Innovation Consultancy
Data Science & Predictive Analytics
Cognitive Computing & AI​
Machine Learning
Design and UX
Augmented Human Interface & Mobile
Internet of Things (IOT)
Proof of concept (POC)
Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
Implementation & integration
Cloud Platform
Technology Agnostic
Fabrication Laboratory Engineering

IoT Innovation and Fabrication Laboratory

Let's face it, many solutions need to bridge devices to information systems. Often the devices don't even exist or the components are fragmented. We offer, to select clients, our fab lab engineering team ability to create and experiment with new devices and connect them to solutions. We partner with Arrow Technologies when the time comes for industrial production.

Darwin Ecosystem is a DataNavee solution brand
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