Research and Development

The Cognitive Story

A machine learning system that helps limited individuals communicate.

Proof of Concept

The project stems from a single tweet asking @IBM to help a quadriplegic Canadian woman.

​To date, the team has successfully built a proof of concept that shows it is possible to achieve this goal. This system’s functionality measures brain patterns, processes data, displays outcomes and learns through the interaction between the mother and her daughter. In essence, it measures brain waves through an EEG device that are then processed using cognitive computing.

Phase One

Status: Completed. Goal: Produce a proof-of-concept (POC) that shows it is possible to augment the communication of limited individuals by identifying brainwave patterns to detect intentions and express them to people or systems.

Phase Two

Status: In-Progress. Goal: Produce a new brainwave detection device that is tailored to the limited individual’s head that was the inspiration of this project. The team’s biggest hurdle to get over after phase one was developing a headset that was comfortable enough for our subject to wear and was such that it was easy to get a consistent and accurate EEG reading. The team is currently in the process of producing the new design.

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The Fundamentals

"Our research mission is grounded on the postulate that technological advancement in the field of interactive cognitive computing can be improved through the use of chaos theory mathematical principles in revealing patterns, and the algorithmic deep learning methods inspired by inherent cognitive capabilities which are not exclusive to human inference.

We believe that as computing is reaching a singularity, that it will soon be at par with living organisms’ ability to process information through cemented and evolving neural pathways. This will challenge humans as well as it give us a new paradigm in human-machine interactivity. Not barring the social impact, this evolution and interaction could bring unprecedented awareness and a new form of collective memory that will assist in better decision-making."

Theirry Hubert, CEO

The Fundamentals

Darwin Ecosystem emerged from research that received recognition and grants from the Canadian government for fundamental technological advancement. As an innovation engineering company dedicated to helping its clients augment their potential through innovations, we remain committed to maintaining research.

Our research is about seeking innovation that has a measurable impact on people, society and businesses. We continuously and relentlessly test emerging technologies to discover resilient functionalities that feed our services and core system - the Darwin Awareness Engine. We often pair these finding with our New Hampshire fab lab (fabrication lab) where ideas are tested and put into actions.
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