Venture Technology

Venture Capitalists invest money into a business. 
We invest our technology and expertise into your business.

The Model

We seek to empower new business ventures building new cutting-edge solutions powered by our core technology and services.

We also help businesses seeking to augment performance and insight through breakthrough innovation with key technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT and advanced analytics delivered through web services, portals and/or mobile applications.
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Our Innovations

Darwin Ecosystem started as an R&D company solving the growing information overload complexity. Our post-research funding in 2012 transformed our road map as we were seeking more immediate returns, thus causing frequent innovation pivots. This challenged us to explore different options and ideas in the advent of AI and social media analytics which lead to the development of several innovations.
The Darwin Awareness Engine (DAE) is our backend system providing access to the embodiment of innovations offered as a service via API or other delivery mechanism.
A service for developers and data scientists to ingest and transform streams of unstructured data into a structured data set.
Subject Matter Expert SME - AI machine learning model builder and publisher.
Tweather™’s technology was developed using an innovative temporal organic curation algorithm, which does not depend on deterministic computing to deliver a relevant result from chaotic streams of information. Our algorithms allow Tweather™ to deliver organic headlines in real time on any topic regardless of the language.
DAVE is a complete image learning and detection set of services. The solution includes a powerful stack of IBM Cloud servers, image storage, data transfer and custom image classification with reinforced learning cycles.
The Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI) takes personality analytics to the next level by leveraging IBM Watson’s advanced A.I. psychology algorithm to extract the thinking style, personality, social connections and emotional state buried naturally in human language.
The BuzzTape is a ticker tape visualization of terms increasing and diminishing in an information stream curated and classified by the KeywordMeme™. It provides a rapid assessment of any live topic’s momentum in a news stream. This technology is a module extracted from early research and visualization of the Darwin Awareness Engine.
The Darwin Awareness Optimizer (DAO) is a personal assistant as it searches, correlates, reveals patterns and curates the news, blogs and tweets to bring real-time awareness to a client’s topics of interest.
The Virtual Cortex, powered by the KeywordMeme™, is a hyper index architecture that takes in the unstructured collective memory of an organization. It draws from records and reports in the deepest depths of the archives all the way to the latest email sent.
Limited-human communication augmentation device. Also known as the Cognitive Story for which we received IBM recognition and were a finalist at the SXSW 2018 AI & Machine Learning Interactive Innovation Awards.

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Darwin Ecosystem is a DataNavee solution brand
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